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DIY Valentine’s Gift Idea

This is my first post in this year, well I have been almost a year off writing journal on my blog. A little bit busy to build my self up again, and a lot of new things in my life that overwhelmed me, and well i still survive, yay!!

Ok, so in this new post i want to share ideas to make your own gift (DIY) for Valentine’s day which is coming in the next 2 weeks, time goes quick so better you prepare your self and make some gifts for your special one, when you make it by your self, it will make it more special because you put in your efforts, your heart, your thoughts on it. Believe me, the person who receive your gift will feel so special and loved!!


Here are some DIY ideas to make gifts for valentine’s day

1. Personalized Card, super easy to make and doesn’t take long at all!! All you need is some fun, quirky quotes or phrases. A white crayon, some paint, and a blank card that you can make from scratch with paper, and a pen of course.. take the pen and draw 3 (or more) hearts that are large enough to write in, once done go ahead and write your personalized message in those hearts. Then take the white crayon and fill in the hearts, this way will make sure that the paint comes off easily when needed. After filling the hearts, take your desired colored paint and fill the hearts with is as well. So you should have your hearts with writing in the middle, covered with layer of white crayon and then another layer of paint over, leave to dry.

personalized card

Now give it to your loved one and let them scratch the paint off to reveal your message. It will knock your loved one off!! (source : ellanrose.wordpress.com)

2. Jar of Love, all you need is a jar, colorful notes, your thoughts to write it down on those notes, your own quotes, or some lyrics from your favorite songs, and a pen of course.., so lets get started. Small handwritten notes within the jar all of different colors, which represent different things, such as pink for The Reason I Love You, green for Quotes & Lyrics and finally yellow for Moments & Memories we shared. I  think this is great gift idea, cheap and meaningful!!

jar of love

(source : whearsrebekah.blogspot.co.za)

3. What I love About You From A to Z Mini-Book, make your own collection of mini-book for someone that you love writing from A to Z to express why you love him or her, you will have uniquely personal gift surprise to the one you love that will read again and again. It’s an awesome creative way of showing just how much you value someone, even if it’s only small things. Material needed : White card stock paper, Color pen, Paper punches, Binder ring.

mini book

(source : buyhimthat.com)

Those ideas you could use to make your own gifts, just be creative, be fun, and do some little crazy things, where some people said love will make you little bit crazy and lot of happy.

Happy valentines day !!

kiss kiss from me,




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